Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jun 29, 2022
Hinesburg's Wainer Community Playground
Shelburne's Webster Road Bike and Pedestrian Path

Betsey Cieplicki from Shelburne Parks & Recreation along with Jennifer McCuin, Executive Director of the Hinesburg Parks and Recreation Dept were our guests today. 


Carrie Fenn, President on July 1, called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Amanda Vincent from Hinesburg is a visitor today.


Carrie thanked the volunteers for set up and take down at the Changing of The Guard ceremony Friday night.  The event was very well attended and every aspect of the event was awesome!


The Diamond and Denim Casino Night is August 7 at the Old Lantern.  We are seeking sponsors for which Carrie mailed out letters to use. NY Life, Old Lantern, and Sweeney DesignBuild have already agreed to sponsor the event. Among the many volunteers that will be required, among them, black jack dealers. Rather than playing for money, tickets will be awarded, providing opportunity to win great prizes.  Hoping to have wide spread community appeal.  


The Golf Ball Drop website is live!  The idea of raffling off the other two seats in the helicopter to ride with Chris Davis was mentioned along with other fund raising ideas at the event.  The event is Friday afternoon at 4:00 on September 16 with a barbecue.


Car Raffle is also on the calendar for October 14.  At next week’s club meeting, a sign up for tasks at the event will be circulated.  There are 100 balls in this Calcutta, selling for $275 each.


Denis collected the happy fines.


Jessica introduced Betsey and Jen.


Betsey has been in the position with the town of Shelburne for nineteen years and Jen with the town of Hinesburg for eighteen years!


Betsey shared the town’s department has three main areas: Program, Parks and Events.  She works very closely with the town of Hinesburg, who has similar programs.  Basketball, lacrosse, track and field, soccer, field hockey, tennis, baseball; specialty camps such as rocket, lego, theater and a horse camp.  Youth camps are the focus in the summer season.  Back to the Beach event is back on, concerts, etc, etc.  Betsey thanked the residents of Shelburne for passing the beach house that is being planned for the Shelburne Beach.  


Jen indicated Hinesburg will be doing a lot of the same things, she looks at Shelburne as a model, though Hinesburg is considerably smaller.  She is the face of the recreation department, doing it all and then being a part of the community as well.  Parks is the smallest aspect for them, having recently opened up the Bissonette Recreation Area, just south of Route 116.  This has been a learning process!  Tonight they are having a community track and field meet that covers the CVU school district with ninety five students! Sunday they have a Sunday Fun Run and their large July 4 celebration. The community participation and 


Jim Donovan presented both speakers with the books “Early Spring: An Ecologist and Her Children Wake To A Warming World,” by Amy Seidl.  One will be donated to the Shelburne Pierson Library in Betsey’s name with the other going to Hinesburg’s Carpenter Carse in Jen’s name.


Carrie adjourned the meeting at 8:30.