Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jan 05, 2022
The new year brings new opportunities to serve our community and our world.

January 5, 2022


Club Meeting


Susan Grimes called the meeting to order at 7:30


Ric led us in the four way test.


Susan presented Ric Flood a Paul Harris award pin for his service.


Susan shared that the board recently voted to make a monetary donation to the Dresden Rotary Club in Tennessee and the Rotary Club of Mayfield Kentucky in support of their efforts to help in the aftermath of the devasting tornadoes.  The board voted on sending $500 to each club.  Chris Davis made a motion to send each club $500. The motion was seconded by Carrie Fenn. The motion to send each club $500 was passed by the club. 


Susan informed the club that the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program is seeking a variety of items ahead of the Afghan refugees coming to Vermont in the coming months.  Urgent needs are Hannaford gift cards and full and twin sized beds.  Susan listed the lengthy list of items in her email yesterday. We can contact Sharon with items we want to donate or bring them to the meeting.  Perhaps the club could coordinate one trip to the organization with some available furniture.  Ric Flood made a motion to donate $500 to purchasing Hannaford gift cards. The motion was seconded by Carrie Fenn.  The motion was passed by the club. 


Susan shared that the school cafeterias in Charlotte and Shelburne are still in need of help!  The amount of time is about one and a half hours in Charlotte but full days in Shelburne. Charlotte needs helpers Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Shelburne needs helpers on Tuesday and Thursday.


Susan asked the club to think about how we can engage greater participation from club members while collecting the happy fines.  What brings you to Rotary?  What do you want to see our club do?


As today is a club meeting, Laurie Burke shared a presentation on her passion and her initiative for our club: preserving our environment and climate change. Due to the happy fine collection time period of sharing, her presentation was very brief but she will come back for part two. She referenced the Rotary International’s publicity on this topic.  She listed several books she recommends on this topic as well as a movie entitled “End Game 2050.”  Her highest book recommendation was “No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference” by Greta Thunberg.  She challenges our club to send her ideas on how Rotary can help, what are we doing now, what can we do as a club collectively.  We will revisit the results of this idea campaign in the near future.


Laurie closed the meeting with words from Tolstoy and Margaret Mead.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.