Posted by Nancy Danforth on Dec 08, 2021

Linda Gilbert -Hands to Honduras


Susan called the meeting to order at 7:30 am.


Linda Gilbert shared opening words.


Ric Flood led us in the four way test.


Susan presented Phil Denu with the Paul Harris Fellow +7 pin for his support of The Rotary Foundation.


Susan shared a thank you note from the Mike Yantachka whom made a donation to our recent fundraising campaign, appreciating what our club does for the community.


Per Chris Davis and Nancy Danforth, thhe Gadue’s coat drive and toy drive continue to go well.


After today’s meeting the toys for kids bag project will continue, there are seventeen more bagsto fill and then Jessica and Susan will be delivering the bags. 


Carole Obuchowski announced she is still collecting for the Foundation, you can mail or give her a check.


The Winter Carnival will take place on January 15 at the Shelburne Athletic Club, Chris Davis is spearheading this project.


Denis collected the happy fines.


Linda Gilbert spoke to us about Hands to Honduras, Tela which began sixteen years ago. They have not been to Honduras since February of 2020 and they do hope to go this February.

Linda shared a slide show about what they have done recently from afar and what they plan to do if they get to go in February. 

Specific project requests are made to Hands To Honduras.  They have done many Maternal Child Health projects since 2012, including but not limited to construction of a maternal center for expectant mothers, a postpardum building and a new mother educational center.  They are currently working on adding equipment to assist with C section births, making processes safer and more efficient.

Hands to Honduras raised funds for the 2020 devastating hurricane that hit in November.  The money was used to create Bolsa’s (sacks) that included very basic items such as toilet paper, mattresses, chickens, etc.

What will they do in February during Covid?  Since they have decided not to go into the rural areas this trip due to uncertainty of Covid, they will be painting and bringing the birthing equipment. They asked the folks at the hospital if there was a small project at the hospital that they could do.  They need an area where new mother’s who have babies with respiratory problems can breastfeed, a small building with a shower and a bathroom.  This will be constructed at the Pediatra Anexo.  They may also do CPR classes, issue scholarships  and work on the school uniform project. 

The decision to go to Honduras or not is very fluid and completely dependent on COVID 19.  The country is vaccine accessible.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.