The Food Scene

Seems like we had lots of folks helping out with food at the Halloween parade.

The beginning breakdown of hotdog roll packages into napkin wrapped rolls was done quicker than helpers remembered.  We had conversation time . We also had time to sample the goods to make sure the hotdogs and donuts were of a quality that we could allow others to consume them.  The popcorn was cupped and then the soda cupping began.   The crowds came early this year about 2:00 and we thought we had everything under control. And we were confused because the first crowds didn’t finish off much. We think the first rush was from Museum crowds.

Then the parade participants arrived at their usual time and we really had to hustle. We knew the parade was over because the all of the clowns, there are many, returned. Water then cider ran out first as we organized the cups and poured soda  for the hoards that descended upon us. Consumption had started for real. The hot dogs were flying out of the pot and the mustard and catsup stand was crowded. And then they were finished and it was earlier than usual. And we went back to conversation.