Posted by Nancy Danforth on Aug 25, 2021
Our guest speaker, George Georgakalis of Farmers To You, spoke about his organization that connects people to the farmers who grow their food. They grew from 28 partner families to over 1,900 partner families. These families, in the Vermont and the greater Boston area, depend on Farmers to You to carefully select foods from small-scale farmers and producers and provide quality foods to them each week, year-round.

Gregory Georgaklis - Farmers To You LLC


Susan Grimes opened the meeting at 7:30. 


Linda Gilbert shared opening words.


Ric Flood led us in the four way test. 


Susan had the opportunity to Zoom with District Governor, Mike Carrier.  He will be attending our meeting on September 22. 


Susan announced the club grant request was approved by the District for one of the bike stations. Thanks to Chris Davis for completing this process. 


Lee Krohn is working on the concrete pad for the next Shelburne bike station. The Committee will determine the schedule for the ceremony that will dedicate this station to Matt Kaiser. Laurie indicated the Hinesburg bike station will go outside the library.  


Susan welcomed our guest Greg Georgaklis from Farmers To You, LLC.


In the spirit of Rotary International’s Basic Education and Literacy Project month, Susan reminded us of the Spelling Bee on September 30 from 4-8 pm.  We are still searching for two club members to participate, let Carol Obuchowski know if you are interested.


Shelburne Day was fun and provided great publicity.  We are nearing 50% sales of the Golf Balls.  Our own Diana Vachon won the ball drop at 229.  


Carrie Fenn gave us an update on the food programs at Charlotte and Shelburne schools. They do need help five days per week. Times are not available yet but they would love help 8:30 to 2:30.  


Next week’s meeting will have another food drive for the Food Shelf. 


Chris Davis collected the happy fines.


Laurie Burke introduced Greg Georgaklis from Farmers To You LLC. Greg has extensive experience in the field of horticulture and landscape supply.  He moved to central Vermont from Lexington, MA where he had been working. He began working with organic farmers in a consulting position. In 2010, he opened Food To You, LLC. They connect a community of farmers to urban areas providing densely rich foods. 





Greg asked us, by show of hands, who purchased a food product locally in the last couple of weeks.  Fifty percent of the club had.  He indicated this is not so in large urban areas. Food affects our health directly.  


The pandemic brought to light the three day food supply in our large supermarkets.  Of the five largest supermarkets in this country, three are European.  Our farmers cannot compete nor provide at the level these chains do. The issue is the industrial model utilized by these chains does not produce healthy food. The pandemic was also a boon for their growth. 

When he moved here from Boston, he was shocked about how far ahead Vermont is on the global scale of “eat local” and the densely rich foods this provides.  The challenge was how to feed people locally all year long.  There are four hundred and fifty items now available, twelve months per year now, all from Vermont. When the organization asks for an item, that people are asking for it, the farmers respond.  

But we have to support this model to sustain it.  We have to create a consistent demand for our farmers.  He shared how the food is technical aspect of the distribution once a week to Boston via e-commerce.


Jim Donovan presented Greg with the book “The Complete Cookbook For Young Chefs to the Hinesburg Library.


Nancy shared closing words. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.