Posted on Apr 06, 2022

Protect your environment

CSH Rotarian Laurie Burke encouraged the club to become more active in environmental protection.

April 6, 2022


Club meeting with Laurie Burke reporting on her follow up of our climate project.


Susan presented Dan York with a Paul Harris award.  


Susan and Linda had brought twenty backpacks to the Williston Central School for the Ukraine refugees; they were shipped the next day to Germany. 


Linda Gilbert visited the crocuses at the Shelburne Town Office to see if there was any growth.  She did spot the first hint of growth.  Our club planted at Charlotte Library as well.


Saturday is the Spin-A-Thon at the Shelburne Athletic Club with the first of three sessions at 7:00!  The gift basket here is being raffled off for $5 per ticket and the winner will be announced at the Spin-A-Thon.  


Carrie reported on the budget indicating we are $3,000 short on our fundraising goal.  She will provide a list of our recent donations to which this money goes.  If every member made a $50 gift we could close this gap.  Carrie said we did a lot of work and a lot of money has been donated.  Bob Sanders suggested we provide this giving list to the public.  This list can also be provided at The Changing of the Guard and at The Farmer’s Market this summer.


Denis collected the happy fines.


Laurie Burke is our speaker this week to finish up her presentation on climate change and our club’s initiative to embrace this topic on behalf of the Rotary International project.


Laurie read from “This Changes Everything” by Naomi Cline.  The emphasis was on our ability to look away which may be the biggest issue.


She conducted a twelve question educational quiz to the club on climate change.  Laurie proposed we begin to change the language and attitude toward climate change. She provided facts, quotes and definitions of the most widely used climate change terminology.  Sea otters and old growth forests are two examples of natural carbon eating methods.


Laurie challenged us to do more. Rotary does many things to push this agenda already.  We plant flowers, trees, invite appropriate speakers to educate our club.  She proposed many ideas for our club to do: renovate Shelburne Pond, plant trees with the Shelburne Town and Jim Donovan, a reduce carbon footprint contest, the three libraries will be speaking to our club and their initiatives can be emulated, she also proposes a task force within our club.


Laurie finished with a reading from Jane Goodall’s book, “Hope.”  


Susan split the group into three tables: One with Roz and Dave to prepare for the Farmer’s Market and our “rental” of a tent,  one with Linda Gilbert and Susan to plan for the Changing of the Guard Ceremony and a final fundraising table to brainstorm on ideas.  Chris Davis will also be demonstrating how the AED’s work.  


Susan adjourned the meeting and the club split into the three teams.