District Governor Susan Cherry leads the club in a rousing three way rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot!
Amanda introduced Jason Schnoor, Assistant District Governor. Jason noted the recent speech contestants and introduced District Governor Susan Cherry.
Susan applauded current President Dan York and noted she supports him and will be available to help Amanda and John as upcoming co Presidents.
Susan spoke about Rotary’s initiative to address and talk about mental health.  She encouraged our club to join this initiative. 
Susan was a music teacher for thirty years. She demonstrated the power of three part harmony by dividing the club into three groups to sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot!   It was beautiful!  This demonstrates the ability to let our leaders grow and lead, supporting them in harmony.
She applied for a job at a Restorative Justice Center, completely unqualified, in St. Johnsbury.  The Center works to repair harm brought on by social injustice, this work was really important to her as a life’s work.  She learned about small group conversations, noting the book “Community” by Peter Block, encouraging the club to pick it up and read about the importance of talking in small groups to facilitate the strong sense of community.  She split us up into groups of three or four to discuss three questions from the book to learn about each other, someone we don’t know as well.  After the exercise, the club shared a few thoughts but Susan encouraged us to get to know each other!!!!
Jim presented the book ”Community” by Peter Block, to be donated to The Charlotte Library in Susan’s name.