Posted by Dan York on Mar 31, 2021
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Our guest speaker this morning was Dave Welch, owner and operator of The Clock Shop in Vergennes. 

CSH Rotary - 03-31-2021

Chris Davis called the meeting to order at 7:30 am.

Linda Gilbert gave an opening reading of an anecdote from the Shelburne Farms Cookbook.

Denis Barton posed the question of “what was a memorable car breakdown?” Several members relayed stories of their experiences.

Chris updated the group on the plans for the May 22 Spin-a-thon fundraiser. There will be 19 bikes available for booking for $50/hour. We’re exploring plans to do some type of live streaming from the event, although the WiFi apparently will not support significant streaming. We’re looking to start the promotion of the event.

Dan York mentioned the articles in the recent Rotary magazine about how Rotary is adopting environmental issues as a new area of focus. The Rotary Foundation will start offering global grants for environmental issue as of July 1. Dan suggested this might be an opportunity for our club to work with local groups to perhaps fund environmental projects here in Vermont. He also mentioned that with April 22 being Earth Day we may learn of projects in the area that might need some help. More info:

The speaker was Dave Welch of The Clock Shop in Vergennes. Fritz Horton found Dave online and arranged to have him clean and repair the Shelburne town clock. Dave gave us a video tour of his shop, including showing us the pieces of the Shelburne clock that are there for cleaning. He showed a wooden clock from a long time ago and explained a bit about wooden gears and clocks. He then talked about his business for a bit before opening up for questions. There was a a good discussion about how he got involved with clocks, how clocks can be appraised, how he works with large clocks, and many other topics.

Nancy Danforth provided some closing words from Doug Larson.

The meeting ended at 8:30am.