Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jul 28, 2021
Dan York, our club's Vice President, gave a classification talk at this morning's meeting. Dan gave us a summary of his personal and professional background and his work as Director, Online Content, for the Internet Society. 

Dan York, Vice President of Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary Club was our speaker this morning.  He did a classification talk about his work with the Internet Society.


Susan called the meeting to order at 7:35.


Nancy Danforth provided the opening words.  


Susan asked Ric Flood to lead us in the Rotarian four way test and followed that with flowers and a card for Bill Deming. 


Next weeks’ meeting will be introducing the club to the Event Runner for our September 18 Golf Ball Drop.  We need to bring our smart phones along with plans to purchase and sell tickets. 


August 21 is Shelburne Day, the club will have a tent, sell the golf ball drop tickets, educate on Tela. There will be no food for sale. 


Susan reported that Roz needs some help to help pick up after this Saturday’s Farmers Market in Shelburne.


August 7 is the next RaceVermont race the we will be providing volunteers for.  We will meet at 7:30 and be handling the parking. 


Sam Feitelberg is looking for supplies for Tela.  Masks, gloves, hats.  If you can provide some of these supplies let Susan know.


Susan indicated that the Rotary Club of Essex is hosting Chase Harr of 2nd Summits Project SHELTERBOX on August 25.  They meet on Wednesdays at 12:10 on Zoom. She will send out the link to the meeting.  He is attempting to climb sixty seven peaks in New England to raise money for Shelter Box, an organization that provides people with kits to assist people with surviving a disaster. 


Also happening on August 28, Vermont Community Gardens is hosting a free event at The Ethan Allen Homestead from 3:00 to 5:00.  Come and visit the gardens!


Carole Obuchowski shared news about the Spelling Bee on September 30 hosted by The Sunrise Club. This annual fundraiser supports the Dolly Parton Literacy Program.  It will be held a the Dudley Davis Center.  Teams are two to three members and the entry fees are around $400, let Carole know if you are interested.  


Linda Gilbert shared that the Shelburne Players are presenting “It’s a Good Life” in December. They are seeking sponsorships for ads at levels of $75 or $125. The show is in December, tickets are $15.


Jessica Brumstead collected the happy fines. 


Dan York-Classification Talk


Dan shared how he became involved in his work with a non profit called Internet Society.  This is a global organization dedicated to bringing people all over the world to the internet and making it a safe space.

Growing up in Southern CT, he and a friend started disassembling computers and putting them back together.  This led him to math and science eventually but graduated from UNH Durham in New Hampshire with a degree in teaching german. But writing and education became his passions and he took positions all over, White Plains, New York, Ottowa, Keene, New Hampshire and eventually, Vermont, twice!  


Dan explained the mission of the Internet Society.  They work on connecting providers via Internet Exchange points.  With 70,000 networks in the world, this is very challenging and rewarding work.  The organization focuses on internet safety as well as alerts to encryption conducted around the world by repressive governments. They advise that these actions weaken the internet as well as the economy of their countries.  His work on the communications team involves helping people publish to the internet.  


With mission as their emphasis, Dan enjoys the travel this job provided (pre pandemic), meeting new people around the world, educating people, and introducing children to the wide world web for the first time. The future of the internet is unknown!  


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35.