Posted on Jul 13, 2022

Today’s speaker is Patricia O’Donnell, owner of Heritage Landscape. 


Carrie welcomed Patricia as our speaker along with Jim Donovan’s sister Kathy.


The community school food delivery bus is fully staffed, thanks to all who are volunteering.  


$3500 has been raised for Casino Night.  Volunteers for dealing have been signed up, save the date!


Carrie encouraged people to join committees.  Public Relations needs volunteers and someone to manage our Instagram account.  RYLA and other youth activities is another area we would like to focus on if anyone is interested in working with youth. 


COTS is seeking volunteers to provide and pack backpacks for kids going back to school on August 12, 13. 


Linda Gilbert shared a message from Anne Paradee who attended our 50th Changing of the Guard celebration. It is a message of support for reasonable gun laws. Her club in California is supporting it and the commitment is to share the support. Linda passed around the postcard.


Farmer’s Market this saturday, Chris and Carrie will set up and take down.  


Amanda Vincent is being proposed for membership to our club. 


Denis collected the happy fines.


Jim introduced his wife Patricia, a landscape architect. Everything Patricia works on is open to the public. These locations include but are not limited to: The National Mall, Druid Hill, Mountain Meadows Massacre, The Northern Pass, Jackson Park in Chicago and Shelburne Farms, where is has designed a tree planting project and hayfield management. 


Patricia works within our cultural landscapes to uplift historic public places focusing on landscape preservation, adaptation and innovation.  When beginning a project, they are looking at the natural systems, the topography, the vegetation, transportation, water, archeology, buildings of mass and scale.  All of these variables drive the landscapes which in turn dictates the project and the work they will do. 


Seventy five percent of the planet has been altered by humanity.  In order to save the planet, humans need to be aware of our planetary rights.  As we focus on people, our planet dies around us.  

With “Project Drawdown” the focus is on changing our land use and agricultural practices.  The “UNDRIP” creates a framework for the survival and dignity of indigenous people for sustainable systems.  


We have to change our mindset and consider the assets of our planet in order to sustain our natural world. 


Jim and Patricia will likely select a book about Frederick Law Olmstead for the Charlotte Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30