Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jul 21, 2021
Colonel Randall Gates was our guest speaker this morning. COL Gates is the Director of Military Support for the Vermont National Guard. His gave an informative overview to the Vermont Guard's capabilities and response in various emergency scenarios.

July 21 Minute


Colonel Randy Gates, Vermont Army National Guard is the guest today. 


Susan call the meeting to order at 7:30


Nancy Danforth provided the opening words. 


Susan started out with the Rotarian four way test and announced the District Governor will be visiting in November. 


Susan welcomed Bob Maynes and Jim Donovan’s granddaughter, Orla Donovan along with our guess speaker, Colonel Randy Gates.   


Carrie Fenn is looking for a bus rider for the Summer Food Distribution on Wednesday July 28.


Roz Graham continues to need volunteers for the farmers market, mostly take down but any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Shelburne Day is August 21. In the past, Rotary has had a hamburger stand at this event.  But Linda Gilbert mentioned that planning has to start much earlier than right now. The idea was discussed to combine this event with the September 18 Golf Ball Drop and raise some money at that event instead.  The sale of cookies, coffee and a putting green contest were discussed. 


Susan reported the Golf Ball Drop on September 18 will be our first Event Planner event through Club Runner. Susan asked us to bring our phone s on August 4 so we can learn how to sell and buy tickets!


Susan reported the three bike stands have arrived, looking for homes. Shelburne will put in another one near the parade ground. The plaque needs to be ordered. The Hinesburg location is in process probably near the library.  Charlotte also in process.  


Dennis Barton did the happy fine, “what is the shortest public transit ride you have ever taken?”


Laurie Burke introduced Colonel Randy Gates of the Vermont Army National Guard.   


His office is responsible for emergency preparedness in disaster and emergency situations. His office works with the Governors special staff.  COVID 19 has dominated in the past one and a half years.  Colonel Gates explained the three main areas of their role. 

“Steady State”  this is for day to day activity.  

“Domestic Operations” including training and planning. 

“Force Protection of the VT Army National Guard” basically when guards are activiated. 

Domestic  Operations is on the tail end of the budget so receives the least amount of money. 

This area focuses are natural disasters, chemical attacks or release, biological disease, radiological and nuclear situations and cyber-attacks.

Colonel Gates shared that they have a variety of things they can do to respond to the Northeast Region of the United States.  This operates like a network of support state to state. 

Covid revealed even an evacuation of New York City is a concern in a disaster as many would flee north to their Vermont residences and to be a safer place. This can create another emergency situation. Joint task forces are created for every situation and this activates the support of the region.  


Jim Donovan presented Colonel Gates with the donated book, A Survivor’s Guide…. for the Hinesburg Library.


Closing by Nancy Danforth.


Susan adjourned the meeting at 8:30