Posted by Carrie Fenn on Feb 10, 2021
This morning's meeting was devoted to activity updates and planning.

February 10, 2021


Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary via Zoom


Club Meeting


Bob Sanders, Carrie Fenn, Linda Gilbert, Keith Walsh, Linda Barker, Nancy Danforth, Chris Davis, Susan Grimes, France LeBlanc, Carole Obuchowski, John Pane, Denis Barton, Adam Bartsch, Ric Flood, Rosalyn Graham, Jim Donovan, John Hammer, Jonathan Lowell, Dan York, Lauri Burke, Bill Deming, Jessica Brumstead


Susan Grimes, zooming in from Panama, has our opening words. 

You the One from whom on different paths all of us has come

To whom on different paths all of us are going.

Make strong in our hearts what unites us;

Build bridges across all that divides us;

United make us rejoice in our diversity.

And at one in our witness to your peace,

A rainbow to your glory.


Denis asked what we like to do in the frigid weather.

Cross country skiing, snowshoeing, Keith suggested Escape to the Chateau, a show about a couple fixing up a pile of rubble in France. In normal times, Dan would go curling in Quebec. 


Denis suggested a visit to the Arthur Park Sea Caves

Nancy suggests Milton Town Forest as a great place to go.

Smooch Your Pooch is happening this weekend at the Shelburne Dog Park. Sit at the smooch your pooch bench, cuddle with your dog and take a selfie and post it on social media. 


School bus runners for February 19 are Jonathan, Denis, Jim Donovan and Chris Davis.


Chris is hoping to put together a spin class fundraiser. 

Jim suggested we sign on to help with the Charlotte library landscaping care. This will start happening in spring. 

Jim also suggested a crocus garden in Hinesburg. John suggested checking with Horsfords for purchasing the bulbs. 

Bob Sanders suggested we start thinking about making a sizable donation to a single entity.

Send suggestions to Chris and Susan. 

Jim will put together a list of speakers who have asked for support. Chris suggested some awareness plaques for the Abenaki tribes. 

Bring your ideas next week!


Nancy Danforth has our closing words from Louisa May Alcott.

Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.


Stay safe and have a great week!


Carrie Fenn