Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jun 01, 2022

Today’s meeting is a club meeting.


Susan called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Susan is seeking volunteers to make muffins to accompany our breakfast on any given week.  The Dutch Mill Restaurant will provide our breakfast for the foreseeable future.


Susan recognized Bill Deming who received a quilt at the Shelburne Memorial Day festivities for his military service. 


This past weekend was the first Farmer’s Market in Shelburne for which several Rotarians managed the new Rotary tent. We are seeking a more central location for future weeks.  The seedlings and art project by the children was successful. The non profit occupancy begins this weekend. 


Jim Donovan announced the Pierson Library is seeking volunteers on June 9 from 3:00 to 4:45 to move books in preperation for their book sale that weekend. Let Jim know if you can help.   


Please RSVP to The Changing of The Guard if you plan to attend.


Susan brought up the idea of a Safety Meeting/training for our club. This will involve learning how to deal with an emergency/intrusion type of event at the church.  The local police department may be able to conduct such a training exercise. 


Ric Flood brought membership of Kara Cooley to the club and her proposal for membership.  Ric forwarded the form to Nancy. The club voted to accept Kara’s request for membership. She will be formerly inducted next week.  


Carrie had emailed the budget to the club and presented the summary today.  Our goal is to pass the 2022-2023 budget. 

Fundraising revenue can finally be ramped up with the abatement of Covid.  An August 7 Casino Night is being planned and Champlain Valley School District “Pennies for Polio” for October. 

Over the past year, the club’s charitable giving was increased based on lower spending prior, due to Covid.  

Carrie broke out the per member numbers on this budget.  It’s been several years since an increase of dues has taken place so the board has recommended an increase to $275.  


The club discussed and agreed to increase our breakfast fees to $10, $9 for breakfast, $1 for the raffle card game.  The higher costs of food and supplies warrants an increase. 


The club discussed a variety of issues from enhancing programs and speakers to bring in more guests and members, with the goal of increasing membership.


Dan York made a motion to accept the budget along with the breakfast increase.  The motion was seconded by Bob Sanders. The motion was carried by the club.


Denis collected the happy fines.  


Dan York shared that our club will present a Paul Harris award at the Changing of the Guard ceremony.  A small group will assemble after the meeting today to discuss. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.