Richard Fox welcomes new member Amanda Wenzel
June 5, 2024 Club Meeting
Amanda Vincent led the meeting today welcoming guests Greg Larsen, Amanda Wenzell and Penelope Cray and her daughter.
Trafton presented CSH Rotary Club scholarships to Samara Ashu and Penelope Cray.  Trafton read a thank you letter from Samara who could not attend our meeting today.  Penelope was in attendance to accept her scholarship.  She will attend The University of Vermont’s Nursing program as an adult where her emphasis will be Psychiatric nursing.  She has owned her own business as a copywriter until now. $2.,000 will be awarded to each recipient.
Applications were received applicants for the Jim Spadaccini scholarship and are being reviewed.
Richard Fox welcomed Amanda Wenzell as a new member of the CSH Rotary Club!  She shared a little about herself,  having moved to to Shelburne one year ago.  She works for a Respiratory Therapy company out of Plattsburgh, NY.  She does website design and photography so hopes to make an impact on our club in this way.  Richard reminded the club to engage with Amanda and tell her our Rotary experiences, connecting with each other is what Rotary is all about!
Carrie presented the 2024-2025 budget to the club, which needs to be approved today so that invoices can be generated and mailed this week.
Projected revenue will be about $30,980 with fundraising revenue projected at $45,500.
Total Club Operations Expense: $54,060.
Community Giving: $20,250 (Carrie will bump up scholarships by $2,000)
Charitable giving was $29,500.  
The idea to add $25 to the membership dues for a community hardship fund was presented.  Margo Casco made a motion to accept this proposal, the motion was seconded by Richard Fox and the motion was carried. 
Denis Barton made the motion to accept the 2024-2025 budget as presented, Phil Denu seconded the motion and the motion to accept the 2024-2025 budget was carried.
Amanda finished the meeting with a presentation on the Rotary Action Plan.  The plan has four main areas:
  • Increase impact - Make evidence-based decisions and build the capacity to measure and analyze data from service projects.
  • Expand reach - Be inclusive, compassionate, and ambitious, and share values with new audiences.
  • Enhance participant engagement - Create relationships across time and distance
  • Increase ability to adapt - Seek new perspectives and ideas, and test different ways to structure the organization to be more efficient.
Each table was given the opportunity to brainstorm one of these areas.  Some of these ideas are as follows:
Be more engaged with new members operating as mentor. 
Leverage our club at all community events we are involved in or attend.
Meet people where they are!
Interact with other clubs.
Acknowledge volunteers.
Community assessment of what our community really needs.