Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jul 06, 2022
This morning's meeting was devoted to the induction of new members, Chea and Kara, and organizing for upcoming service projects and fundraising events.


July 6, 2022 Club Meeting


Carrie Fenn called the meeting to order at 7:30.


There are sign up sheets going around for the upcoming three fundraising events.


Any new business to share?


Diana reported upcoming speakers are Elise Brunelle of Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Chittenden, Senate, Chris from The Shelburne Water Dept., Cathedral Square Housing and all followed by a club meeting. 


Chea, Kara and Amanda were welcomed, Chea and Kara as new members!!


Ric inducted Chea and Kara into the CSH Rotary Club!!  Chea lives in Charlotte and is a journalist with The Charlotte News. She grew up in Vermont, moved away and then moved back to raise her children.  She loves community service and understands it's importance.


Kara also has two small children and wants to demonstrate community service to them by her participation.  Her father in law was a member and founder of our club and she believes in carrying that legacy forward.


Carrie reviewed the bylaws and found some very old items that probably ought to be removed and/or amended.  She asked the members to review them and we can revisit.  The last update was 2017.  The club was mixed on keeping them as is vs amending them.  


Denis collected the happy fines.


Ric explained the Car Raffle, being held on October 14 after the two year pandemic hiatus.  The tickets will sell for $275 a piece and only 100 "balls" will be sold.  He passed out a Donation Form for everyone, requesting we work on collecting door prizes.  Linda Barker will collect the money from the ticket sales.  Sixty five to eighty donations are repeat patrons.  

There will be many options for volunteering day of the event.   But for now, obtaining donations are the most important item along with letting Ric know if you want to purchase a ball.  Shelburne Farms will host the event again.  Fluid Bar Service will be contracted to provide bar service.  Ball splits among patrons is very possible.  You do not need to be present to win.  You do need to designate someone to handle your ball though. 


Casino Night requires a committee and day of volunteers.  Three thousand dollars has been collected for sponsorships as well!


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.