Posted by Nancy Danforth on Oct 26, 2022

Charlie Baker, Executive Director of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission


Carrie called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Carrie welcomed Charlie Baker of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission as our speaker today.


Dan provided a summary of the Wood4Good service project this past weekend. 


Amanda reminded the members to send her their stories on why they became involved in Rotary.  She is working on a social media project that will do a light spotlight of some of our members. 


November 10 is the CSH social gathering at The Public House in Hinesburg, 6:00 pm.  An opportunity to introduce ourselves to the community and socialize together.


The speech contest is being scheduled for the second or third week of February.  The topic is Inclusion, Equity and Diversity.  


Carrie suggested we talk to Erika about her thesis on the topic of inclusion, equity and diversity.  She utilized our club for her thesis; it is excellent and relevant to our club. 


Richard provided a rundown of the Halloween parade this Sunday.  His update included a list of the assignments, timing and logistics.  He will be sending an email with final assignments and times to arrive. There are approximately eighteen groups participating in the parade this year. 


Ric announced the non car raffle estimated monies raised is $9500-$10,000. 


Dan introduced Charlie Baker who is currently the Executive Director of CCRPC.  He has over twenty five years as a transportation and land use planner.  He has had this role since 2008.  He has held other positions in Delaware and New Jersey.  He currently serves on several boards including Housing Vermont and Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation to name a couple!


Charlie gave an overview of the CCRPC, what it does and how it works.  It is a governmental agency assisting regional municipalities. Their budget is comprised of money from the individual towns who pay dues.  Transportation is their primary focus with a $3,000,000 budget.

Other areas they work in are storm water/clean water and how that impacts Lake Champlain, land use planning, natural resources and emergency management.  For example, they worked with the town of Hinesburg on traffic signal patterns and bike/walk access in Shelburne. 


The municipality was created fifty years ago, has a budget of $5,000,000 and a staff of nineteen. A twenty five member board oversees the Commission. 


Charlie opened it up to questions, which included topics such as housing with towns and cities, broadband access and cell service.


A “Community Union District” will play a key role in the future of broadband and cell service in Vermont.  Made up of representatives from individual towns, the CUD will focus on broadband access and extending fiber throughout the state. Money is needed to allow smaller entities such as Burlington Telecom and Champlain Valley Telecom to expand broadband.  


Jessica shared that the work of the CCRPC is key with the legislature playing a very important role, particularly with housing. Chittenden County has the biggest influx of new Vermonters and the stress on housing is significant.


Dan presented Charlie with the book “What I Found In A Thousand Towns” by Dar Williams. The book will be donated to the Carpenter Carse Library in Hinesburg.