Posted by Carrie Fenn on Jan 20, 2021

Heather Moore is the Executive Director of Camp Thorpe, located in Goshen, Vermont. The camp hosts 250 campers with developmental disabilities.

January 20, 2021


Bob Sanders, Carrie Fenn, Chris Davis, Linda Gilbert, Sam Feitelberg, Rosalyn Graham, Erik Kolomaznik, Nancy Danforth, Charlie Kofman, Jessica Brumstead, Adam Bartsch, John Hammer, Susan Grimes, Linda Barker, Jim Donovan, Denis Barton, John Pane, Jonathan Lowell, Ric Flood, Joan Lenes, Laurie Burke, Diana Vichon

Guests: Josh Rooney from Charlotte Central School 

Nancy Danforth


President Obama inaugural speech

Josh Rooney is the mentor coordinator for CCS. The school is looking for mentors, folks to spend an hour a week virtually with kids in need of mentors- people who are interested in being a caring adult to mentor kids. To get in touch with him email him at or call him at 802 355-6333.


Jessica is leading inauguration trivia today

Where was the first inauguration held? John Hammer says New York City, Francy’s Tavern

Instead of a bible John Quincy Adams took his oath of office on what? Law Book that contained the constitution

True or False- the President and the vice president take the same oath? False- they have different oaths. 

Who normally administers the oath? The Chief Justice

Which President hosted the first inaugural ball? James Madison and his wife Dolly

Which President had the longest inaugural speech and the shortest time in office? William Henry Harrison read his speech in 0 degree weather and died 2 weeks later

Which was the first inauguration to be televised? Truman

Which President had the blue Jelly Belly created for his inauguration? Reagan 

Which inauguration ceremony had the largest audience in history- Obama

Who was the only president to be sworn in by his father at a farm? Calvin Coolidge at his farm in Plymouth Vermont


Speech contest needs to be completed by March 15. Carrie and Chris will work with Dan to set up a digital site for students to see the rules and register online.


Heather Moore is a born and raised Vermonter living in Shelburne with her family. She is the Executive Director at Camp Thorpe. 

Camp Thorpe is in Goshen Vermont. The camp takes in 250 people with developmental disabilities. Campers are 80% Vermonters, at or below poverty line. The pandemic hit and there was a pivot, sending out care packages and crafts to participants, packs of flower seeds. They are planning to have camp this year and will decide March 1. 

How can Rotary help? There are volunteer days, fundraising efforts. 

Heather can be reached at


The camp has three off season interns and one part time employee. The camp employs about 45 staff, mostly from the UK. She is hoping to hire more Vermonters this season.


The camp started in 1927 by Reverend Dr. Thorpe. He did stump talks around Lake Dunmore and had an epiphany that summer camps were for wealthy, healthy kids. He bought some land in Goshen and the first summer took 20 girls with polio to start the camp. At first, the camp was for children and now it’s for all ages. They partnered with the Brandon Training Center to let institutionalized folks attend camp back in the 50’s. 

They’ve become financially stable during the pandemic with cost cutting and some big donations. 

Participants are charged $1200 for 2 weeks of camp, and many campers need scholarships. Fundraising efforts are required for scholarships and capital improvements. Heather got funding for a “camp in a box” program, to run virtual camp from October to May. Many of the campers are isolated even without the pandemic, so engaging with the campers in the off season is really helpful. 


Campers arrive by car and Heather is hoping to eventually do some bussing. 


Rotary would be interested in being part of a work crew or helping to put together craft boxes. 


We will be donating Being Human to the Pierson Library in Heather’s name. 


Susan has our closing words from Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peach and brotherhood can never become a reality…I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”


Stay safe, be well, and on to a better day!!


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