Posted by Nancy Danforth on Mar 08, 2023
This morning we were bedazzled by Duane Peterson and his pictorial account of the Burning Man festival.

Duane Peterson of Fluffy The Flying Cloud Goes to Burning Man!


Carrie called the meeting to order at 7:30. 


Carrie announced Zoe Mui won the next round of the speech contest!  She competes in the next round on April 1 in Lyndonville.  Keith attended the contest and noted how close the competition was!  


March 18 is Pie For Breakfast!  Share the event with your friends and neighbors.  Volunteers are needed for the event and set up the day before at 1:00.  


Dan introduced Duane who flew in from New Zealand last night.  Duane has worked in Los Angeles law enforcement, public government and Ben & Jerry’s and is one of the founder’s of Sun Common. Now retired, he has been attending the Nevada Burning Man event in the Nevada desert for the past seventeen years. 


One week before Labor Day, 75,000 people attend in a twenty five mile pop up “city” called Black Rock City.  There are three rules and ten principles. Do not hurt anyone, do not harm nature and no commerce. This is a gift economy.  

The event spawns creativity in fashion, dwellings, transportation (bicyles), Artcars, (rides must be gifted), installations (temples, memorials), and performance(burning of the structures,dance.

His Vermont camp built Fluffy The Flying Cloud from an old bus that is handicap accessible, made from wood and steel and able to carry seventy people.  One hundred people became part of the community that built this structure at Nordic Farm in Charlotte.  


More information can be found at and as well as “Burners Without Borders” at


Jim presented Duane with the book Cloudspotters Guide by Gavin. Pretor-Pinney to the Hinesburg Library.