Posted by Nancy Danforth on Nov 30, 2022
This morning we heard from Jessica Louisos of SLR Consulting about Lewis Creek Association's project "Ahead of the Storm."

Jessica Louisos of SLR Consulting is with us and presenting on Lewis Creek’s Ahead Of The Storm Program.


Carrie called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Carrie welcomed Jessica Louisos.


Holiday gathering is Friday December 16 at Jim & Patricia Donovan’s house, catered by our cook Sophie. Please rsvp to Jessica Brumstead.


The Polar Express Vermont Children's Trust Foundation annual fundraiser is Saturday December 10 & Sunday December 11.  They are seeking volunteers; Carrie will be volunteering on Saturday if anyone is interested. 


On December 7, the club will present nominations for the 2023-2024 slate of Officers. Jessica Brumstead will fill the role of Vice President however; the position of Ambassador remains open.


Please sign the circulating card for Sam Feitelberg. 


Linda Gilbert presented the idea she brought to the board for recognizing “Unsung Heroes” in our community.  The CSH Rotary Club would recognize an unsung hero of our community. For example, one month, Gadue’s Dry Cleaning for their coat drive, town employees, Boy Scouts, educators, Police, etc.  Possible Ways to acknowledge might be an ad in the papers, cookies, invite them to our breakfast.  This committee will be led by Linda Gilbert and comprised of Denis, Jessica, Kara, Susan, Margo, Linda B.


Dave Micklas continues to seek items from Ukraine. Please see Carrie’s email of November 23 for the list. 


Carole reminded us that November is Rotary Foundation. She stressed the great work the International Foundation does. A minimum donation of $26.50 is all that is needed, by each member; our goal is seventy-five percent membership participation.


Denis spoke of the board’s efforts to discuss the topic of dues relative to building membership.   Are dues a barrier to membership?  Do we need more focus on income sensitivity? Denis and John Pane will be spearheading these conversations and providing possible outcomes.  Richard Fox, Erica Webster and Margaret Woodruff will join Denis and John in the research of a model that is right for our club. 


Email Chris Davis if you are interested in going to Winter Lights at Shelburne Museum as a club event. 


Jessica introduced Jessica Louisos from SLR Consulting who will give us an overview of “Ahead Of The Storm” as featured in our presentation from The Lewis Creek Association a couple of weeks ago.


Jessica is a Senior Water Resource Engineer working for SLR Consulting. She graduated from The University of Vermont with a degree in Civil Engineering.  Aside from enjoying all things outside, she sews, does pottery and loves to read and serves on the South Burlington Planning Commission.   


The goal of the Ahead of the Storm project is to improve water quality and flood resiliency in the areas and watersheds of Charlotte, Hinesburg and Shelburne.  Her company put together the mapping for the Lewis Creek Association to pinpoint phosphorus concentrations in these watershed areas.


To do so, three goals have to be accomplished. 

Spread the water, allow the water to soak in and slow down the water.  There are fifteen locations mapped by SLR that allows the LCA to manage and monitor the phosphorus.


The first step in these projects is site assessment to be followed by the design and ultimately construction and installation of the project.  Examples are rain gardens currently in place at the Shelburne Community School and the Charlotte Public Library. Private residences are also part of this project. 


Jim Donovan presented Jessica with the book “Think Like An Ecosystem,” by Amelie Des Plantes to be donated to the Hinesburg Carpenter Carse Library.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.