Posted by Carrie Fenn on Jan 15, 2020
Keith thanks Tracey for her informative presentation.

Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary Club January 15, 2020
Trinity Episcopal Church

Keith called the meeting called to order at 7:30.

Keith warned our annual meeting to elect officers, to be held at our regular meeting on January 29. Nominations for positions will happen next week 1/22/20.

Saturday March 14 Pies for Breakfast at Shelburne Vineyard. This year’s Pies for Breakfast is expected to be at least as big as last year and possibly bigger. We’ll need more pies!! And smaller spatulas!! All club members will be expected to bring or make 3 pies each. Last year, 90 pies got us to 10:30. The charge is $5 per person. Shelburne Vineyard charged $100 to use the venue. Any kind of pie works- pizza, quiche, fruit pie. If you get a donation let Roz know so we can put up a donation poster with names of donors. Members should coordinate efforts so we don’t have multiple people going to the same business. Next week we’ll have a list of all the places we may go to and have a sign up. Send suggestions to Carrie at

District website has a link to the speech contest- we need to determine the date to the local competition.

Tracy Shamberger from Age Well is our speaker today.

Age Well’s main program is Meals on Wheels, serving 10,000 meals each day to folks aged 60+ and people with disabilities. Age Well also has an emergency phone line that takes requests for fuel, transportation, companionship, and Tracy’s favorite, a recipe for lemon pie. There’s a large volunteer base of 1009 folks, delivering meals and providing companionship. Age Well strives to prevent social isolation for seniors. Social isolation accelerates the demise of one’s health- Age Well tries to keep people connected to the community. A volunteer may help coordinate doctor visits, attend visits and take notes to make sure the client and family member understands what went on at the visit. Services are evidence based- tracking the health of clients with the services provided. Age Well also offers community meals- folks register and get tickets and attend community meals. Throughout the counties Age Well serves, restaurants will accept the $5 ticket and clients can go to the restaurant instead of attending a community meal. Registering for Meals on Wheels is an easy process- folks can call in and receive services the next day. Age Well is supported through federal, state and grant funding, in addition to fund raising. Part of Tracy’s job is to recruit volunteers- she will encourage businesses and groups like Rotary to put together a team to share the duties. Businesses with younger work forces are hopping on board to provide teams to volunteer. Age Well does a lot of education and training with Medicare, helping folks sort out their insurance questions. Wellness programs are offered- Tai Chi, Bone health, Matter of Balance classes out in the community.

Age Well partners with SASH, Wake Robin, and many other assisted living facilities. While Age Well doesn’t provide direct patient care at assisted living facilities, residents can come to community events. The goal is to help people age well wherever they are the most comfortable. If someone with Medicare is in transition and not able to stay at home, Age Well can provide options and refer people to assisted living facilities.

Age Well is an independent non profit as part of the National Agency on Aging. They follow the Older Americans Act for nutritional content with the meals in both Meals on Wheels and community dinners and restaurant tickets.

Aging population is increasing- expectation is that the 60+ population will double by 2030. Younger people are leaving and older folks are coming in because of the services we offer.

All the meals come from Trio in Rutland and go to the food hubs in various counties. Volunteers go to the food hubs and pick up the meals- our local food hub is Aubuchon Hardware.

The Age Well website has a wellness tab that shows where community classes are being held.

A copy of “Elderhood” is being donated to the Charlotte Library.

Sergeant of Arms
Happy Happy Happy!!
Lots of happy fines for our speaker.

Happy Wednesday! See you next week!

Respectfully submitted, Carrie Fenn