Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jun 15, 2022

Susan called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Natalee Braun & Deb New - 

Organizes, educates and supports Vermonters to work together for climate justice.


Susan announced we have two students on Zoom who are scholarships recipients and will speak to us momentarily.


RaceVT has a race this coming saturday. Volunteers are still needed.


The Charlotte Library is in the tent this weekend. Dave shared he is receiving very positive feedback.  Shelburne’s Pierson Library is the following weekend.


Changing of the Guard is the 24th.  Carrie needs help 3:00 to 5:00 to set up.  


Per Ric, we need to nominate Chea Evans, editor of The Charlotte Bridge who will join as of July 1. 


Carole shared that in reviewing the Charter, she noticed Bill Deming is on the list as a Charter member!


Susan presented Phil Denu with a Paul Harris pin!


No meeting next Wednesday in lieu of the Changing of the Guard ceremony!


Denis collected the happy fines.


Trafton spoke on Zoom to introduce Hannah Couture and Ryan Canty, recent recipients of the club’s scholarships.

Hannah is working towards her Masters Degree in Business, just got back from Oxford in England.  She works with her family’s non profit that helps children with cancer.

Ryan - graduated from CVU, going to St. Mikes in Health and Allied Sciences.  His goal is a career in physical therapy.  He would love to work for the Boston Red Sox.  

These two scholarships are named in honor of Denny Bowen and Alan Bates, deceased members of CSH Rotary.  


Susan introduced Natalee and Deb from


Debbie is a teacher/anthropologist and tap dancer.  She has been involved with energy for a long time. 

Natalie is from Ohio, a psychologist.  A Nature lover and climate activist who began working as such about ten years ago.  


Deb spoke first. What can we do about climate change and how can we be involved?


After witnessing hurricane Irene whip through her town in Waitsfield and seeing A space shot of New England had a profound affect on her shortly after this event. The CT River was a brown streak that changed our landscape forever.  This was her call to action.  She discovered 350Vermont at this time. 

Deb had the club participate in discussing what we need to do: People Power and Political will.

We need to be collective and individual in our participation and action.  

Real Solutions are needed.  There are many ways to do this with non emitting choices.  These solutions need to benefit everyone and this will require good jobs.  

These solutions need to be timely, sustainable, targeted intent and informed community members.  

Deb and Natalie had a dialog about having more solar and demonstrated how we can help: make more phone calls to our government for example.

Deb provided a slide show of how they take action: activities in Montpelier, work with young people, protest with emphasis on climate justice.


Natalee spoke about her upbringing in rural Ohio.  Her parents, without her knowing it,  demonstrated how to interact with nature, and teaching them how to appreciate all our \///interconnectedness.  They were “ahead of the curve,” and when the red flags of climate change came to be, she felt like she already knew. She believes we need a tidal wave of people power and political will.

The node she works with (Burlington) and their emphasis is on fossil fuels.  They encourage Chase Bank to stop supporting their work with fossil fuel infrastructure.  This is what they are working on now.  Talk to your legislature!  We need to draw down Co2.  Conduct bike blasts, plant trees, etc.  Work as an individual and you have collective power.  


You can sign up for their newsletter on their website.  


Jim Donovan presented the book “Early Spring” by Amy Seidl for the Hinesburg Library.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30.